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The Perfect Girlfriend, Wife or Lover

I’ve been waiting for your call. I miss you darling and I love you so much. I really really love you. Do you love me as much as I love you. Do you? tell me you do, tell me you love me right now? I’m listening Hmmm. say it, say those words to me. I can’t stop thinking about you babe. I am getting wet imagining all the wonderfull things I am going to do - to and for you, my love. I am the perfect woman. Come to me. I will cook, clean, wash,serve, all that and more will be my pleasure because my sole purpose in life is to make you happy. Baby, make love to me, hold me caress me—I want you so badly.

When I’m all alone all I can think about is when you will be in my arms again. My heart beats faster when I dream of being in your embrace. My toes tingle and my knees feel a little weak, I get light headed. But that’s OK because I know your strength will hold me up. As I sit here tonight, running a brush through my long thick tresses, I imagine that the pull of the brush is your hand, running through my hair, wrapping it around your fingers and pulling my head to lie against your broad masculine chest. I lay there, leaning up against you to plant a kiss softly against your throat. My warm breath flows over you.

Hey baby I have put on that black silk chemise you bought for me. You know the one that is so low cut and firm around my breasts, they nearly overflow the lace trimmed cups that hold my titties in. I know that’s why you got it for me. When you hold me and I am pressed up against you, you feel the smooth delicate movement of the silk stroke your skin, you can also feel my erect nipples even now straining for release, rubbing lightly across your own hair covered chest. I can feel it now the sensation tickling my breasts and my tits are responding.

I wish you were here to see how your gift lingers on my smooth hips and caresses my full arse, draping over it to hang barely an inch or two below. It’s positively indecent, and I know that’s why you like me wearing it.

I always respond to your embrace, do you feel my arms wrapping about your neck, across your broad strong shoulders. I have to stand on my tip-toes to kiss you, my full lips are brushing your mouth, shyly at first, whispering only a hint of what awaits you. I feel your arms tighten around me, impatient to make me yours, but we don’t have to rush, I am already yours alone, you know that don’t you?

Let me kiss you now my mouth opens and my lips part to let my tongue dart out to meet yours. I like the way we taste: me, vanilla with a hint of cinnamon and you, salt and lime, strong and pungent. I love to breathe in your aroma and I know you thrill on the smell of my simple lavender oil perfume, its simple scent is overwhelmed by your musk, you drive me wild with your scent of lust and desire that moves me through.

Can you feel my body tremble in anticipation, Is that you I can feel stir against me in response. Mmmm I love dearly so many things about you. For a moment our tongues trace each other’s mouth and touch one another’s teeth, exploring all that they can reach. Let me slide my arms down your back. The fingers of one hand tracing your shoulder blades, kneading your muscles while my other hands slides further down,thats right , right there across your sculpted ass and around your strong hips to where Ohhh I can feel your iron hard rod pulsing against your trousers. Through them, I grasp you and squeeze once, making you even more eager for tonight. I appreciate you so much and I bathe in the glory and memory of our love making when we can not be together. You are magnificent my gorgeous adorable sweet man.

Your hands are sliding down my back as well - I like that honey, the way they stroke my lower spine and begin to trace the curves of my buttocks. It feels wonderfull my darling, I moan softly listen to me… and grind against you just a little more, can you feel me? it feels so good doesn’t it?

Do you like this? Lets continue to stand here, our bodies pressed tightly against one another, our lips moving across each other’s face, kiss me, Oh my I love this, Mmmmm you are kissing and nuzzling me as we go on feeling each other, I know you love my supple curves and the warm softness of my womanly body, I need, want, desire the rigid muscle that your body has to offer.

Let us explore one another further and in deeper, more intimate ways. I would step back, reluctantly, pulling out of your embrace, my hands trailing down your arms, my fingers tickling along their underside till I could take your hands. Oh how I want you here beside me. How I wish this could be. Do you want me too? Are you imagining me in my barely covered body, draped in that black lingerie? My body is so supple and inviting can you see my little panties just more than a g-string with the cute little pink flowers? I see your eyes trail down my body, just as I know your fingers will soon do. You do want to touch me there, right? Are you lusting, staring at my luscious breasts, full and ripe. I see your eyes travel down my flat stomach and full hips, the chemise so sheer, you can see the outline of my beautiful pussy, covered in soft delicate curls of hair, trimmed to perfectly outline its inviting doorway of pleasure.

Let me lead you by the hands, that’s it, take my hand and follow me to the back bedroom where our large king sized bed covered in satin sheets and thick down comforters awaits us. I love the time we spend together, you know that I do baby and I sooo love you.

I hope you are as excited as I am, imagining that we are so close to one another, the heat emanating from our bodies is palpable and I know I will soon explode into a fire of passion. Can you feel it? Is your hand even now resting on your big rigid cock, slowly rubbing it, wishing I was there to do that for you? Oh I wish I was too, I am so jealous that your hand is the one touching that magnificent tool of yours. Go on, take it out. I want it to be full and hard as we imagine our time together.

If I were there I would help you. First, unbuttoning your shirt, slowly, each button one step closer. Finally apart, I would run my hands up your abs and across your pec’s, my long fingernails scratching gently over your nipples, toying with them. Then I would reach your shoulders and slowly pull your shirt from them and let it slide down your arms to the floor. Now, coyly, I step back. I gaze at your naked chest and admire the muscles that move below it. I smile and put my hands on my full boobs. I squeeze them, letting you see how they look, crushed together. Perhaps you are imagining your cock between them?

Can you see me rubbing my hands across them and sliding off, down my own abs and finally reaching the edge of my garment. Hmmmm, I grasp the hem and carefully, enticingly, pull it up, over my head, across my arms and drop it to the floor. I am standing naked before you and you can see all of me. Feel My nipples tingle and stiffen even more. oh my. My stomach is fluttering but I just smile my seductive smile at you, arching an eyebrow and stepping up, so very nice and close to you. My tits brush your chest and I feel you shudder.

May I reach my hands down into your pants and undo the buckle and belt, please Darling?. Oops (giggle) I have open them slowly and am now sliding one hand into your darkened vault, seeking my golden treasure rod.

I let the waist of your pants drop and now I stand holding your stiff, rugged erection in my hand. The texture of your skin feels slightly wrinkled but I can tell the steel under it is unbending. It is hot and throbs in my hand and I love the feel of it there. I can see the tip of your prick, rounded and ruddy, engorged and quivering, a single clear drop of semen is just hanging from its tip. I know there will be more soon my Hercules of love and I so look forward to it.

Let me just bend my knees, and in almost slow motion I drop to the ground, kneeling in front of you. My big beauitiful sexy eyes look upward, shyly, seeking your permission. You smiling at me now - I know I have it.

I will just lean forward, and with my mouth parting, my tongue slides out. The tip touches you first, lightly as it licks the drop of semen away, yummy, let me toy with you for a moment with the piss-slit at your cocks tip. My tongue runs across it and then around the big round head of your member, slowly covering it with saliva, flicking and lashing across the head. Finally, can you feel my lips touch you. I am embracing the bulging tip of your manhood, savoring the taste and feel of that spongy yet rock hard organ.

Do you like it ? I adore kissing it, encircling it and inching forward as I begin to swallow it. But it is sooooo big! My mouth must open wider and wider, stretched almost to its peak to engulf your entire dick. Now, mouth encircling you I slide it in, breathing through my nose so that I can get it still deeper in my mouth. My tongue is stroking across the tip and now slides down its length, back and forth washing it carefully, leaving no spot untouched.

I spread my mouth to its fullest and open my throat. I allow your entire cock fully into my mouth, my lips kissing your ball sack. You can hear me purring in my throat as I hold you there and the vibrations travel up your staff. I am half choking, half swallowing, wrapping every inch of you in my moist and slippery oral tunnel.

Sweety, let me pause here just a moment, I slowly pull away, my lips rubbing your shaft topside and beneath while my tongue does its job as well. Can you see My teeth graze your rigid pole, teasing you and enticing you on to more shudders. Once again at its tip, my lips and tongue kiss the end of your gorgeous penis. I have never seen a man built like you and it thrills me to no end. OK, now I am spreading my lips and sliding down you again. I like to suck my way to the base of your shaft and then lick my way back. Again let me go down, now my hand finds your scrotum and holds it, playing gently with your balls as I devour you again and again. I can feel you tightening and I know I am starting to bring you close. But I know you want more.

I understand and I want more as well. My body aches for the feel of you inside me. Your touch is the one I dream about at night. Do you dream of my touch? I hope you will. Can I now kiss your iron pole one last time and lift my head away. Still on my knees I turn around and place my hands on the ground in front of me. look I am On all fours, with my ass raised high towards you, the smooth and trim firm globes of my buttocks awaiting your touch. Shall I spread my knees wide apart for you? can you see my pussy ? from behind I can feel you drop to your own knees. I know you can see the soft glistening moist folds of my warm inviting womanhood. Do you like me in this position baby, totally exposed to you, vulnerable and willing?

I take my hand and reach between my legs, my fingers playing with the lips and walls of my golden red tunnel of love. Let me spread my passage wide, fingering myself as you bring your enormous pole towards me. Ohhh I feel its tip touch me and it sends electric shocks throughout me. I cannot help but let out a little mewl of a cry as you press that hard round member to my cunt and begin to press forward. I feel you filling me and then some, pushing my pussy lips wider and wider and bearing down into me, roughly scraping the walls of my vagina till I am afraid I will tear something but still you push into me. Can you see your cock sliding in and out of my wet love-tunnel?

Your hands are on my hips and I can feel your steel grip as you pull me back even as you thrust forward. It is so big and yet the ache is wonderful and fulfilling. With a final push I feel your body push up hard against me. I cannot help but to grind my hips and try to get you even deeper, I love this feeling. Can you feel my heart pounding it seems your cock throbs in time to my beat. My ragged breath come in pants. Hold me there, together, us, we are still for a moment as our bodies synchronize.

Thats it there you go ever so gently, slowly you pull out. Not all the way, just a few inches at first and then push hard back in. Next time it is a few inches further out and then a hard stroke and back into me. Hear me cry out as Ohhhhhh I flex my labia walls, and clench you tightly.

I like it when I hear you moan, the sound of your satisfaction so turns me on. I purr in response and we pull out and thrust again. Now we are beginingto build speed and rhythm. I am enjoying this so much, are you ? Can you visualize me, You pull and I lean forward, then you thrust and I slide back. Your cock is filling my love canal and strokes me hard and rough as it slips back and forth, both our juices slowly lubricating it more and more.

You lean forward with a hard thrust, is that your hand finding its way around me and to my full and bouncing boobs. Grab them baby, you cup one and squeeze, mashing it as you thrust in, pinching and teasing my aching tit as you pull out. You feel so good lover. You are bigger than any man I have ever had and I know none will satisfy me after this. I love the feel of your hand exciting my nipples and urging me on more and more. I love you, you darling man.

Now I am banging hard back against you and you are pounding into me, each forward motion stroking us closer and closer to ultimate release.

Are you stroking yourself now? Are you near? Go on, faster now as you imagine that we are together. My finger is dipping in between my legs too as I think about us rocking and pounding harder and faster. I can feel it building and I know you are almost there. I can feel my clit engorged and sore but it’s a good ache and I scrape and rub it harder and faster. I can feel it peaking and I know you are ready too. One last thrust and we come together and hold tight, our bodies wrapped hard around one another as we cum. You shoot long and hard into me, filling me with your hot sperm and my pussy walls shudder and explode with my own cum juices, I love it - as I flow over you and out of me. Juice everywhere slowly running down my leg. We are rocking together now, locked in a permanent embrace that will end too quickly and seems to go on forever. We are lovers and I am so in love with you.

Even now you are hard within me. You do not diminish and I savor your strength, filling me and making me feel sooo good. Can you imagine us, we just staying this way, forever, holding one another.

You are my very special lover Honey and I would do whatever you ask of me. Our sexual bond is so strong, oh how I wish we could touch. But I know I have you here with me now and I will ache with longing till you call me again. Let me take your penis into my mouth one last time and clean all that juicy cum off it for you, I will lick every last delicious drop from your magnificent cock, like I will always do for you my love, forever.

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