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Kitty kat Come Play

Oh, hello, my name is Kitty. Is this the police? It isn’t? Oh, I must have misdialed. I was trying to call them but I must admit I was distracted…you see I was just playing with myself a bit as I thought back on all the nasty things that happened to me last night.

Mmmmm, I had slid my sheer pantyhose down, rolling them over my firm and bouncy ass cheeks. Then I slid them further down while stroking my hard and fit thighs…Uuuhhh, it feels good.

Then my hand slid back up and I ran my long fingernails through my dense curly bush scraping across my pussy, already starting to moisten. I even slowly inserted one finger into it, slowly pushing in further through the folds of my warm opening. I brushed it against my clit, just a little, and started to finger-fuck myself.

You know…if I’m going to tell you what happened, you might want to touch yourself too. It’s ok, really. You just take out your hard pole. I bet it’s huge, thick and long, Hmmmm? Maybe you can imagine my hand grasping your cock hard in my hand and slowly starting to pump, up and down. Would that be ok?

Well, first, you have to know I am a good girl. I got my real estate license just over a month ago.

Anyway, this big new development had just opened up and I was really excited to show off the homes. I knew I could sell one and the commission would be huge. I sent out teaser calls and placed some ads.

They said: “Kitty is hot to show you all the secrets she has at her big wide open house on Sunday—you won’t be disappointed!”

This got a lot of calls. I must be a great agent!

I took special care to dress professionally but still look sexy. I have this new flame orange blouse with gold buttons. And I wore a new white silk scarf with it to set off the blouse and my thick dark curly hair. I had on a pair of slacks. I know that isn’t as sexy as a skirt but it seemed more business-like. And they were really tight on me, hugging my rounded hips and my perfect bubble butt, so they were still a little sexy.

The blouse was a little sheer and I was sure all the men would be staring at my enormous 36DD boobs—men always stare—but then I thought if I could distract them a little they might not worry so much about the price. So I kept the blouse and even undid one extra button. I didn’t bother with a blazer.

Can you picture me standing in front of you, my boobs straining at my blouse to get free and my hard, erect nipples pushing against the fabric so that you can see everything? Do you want to touch them? I know men always do but I don’t let just anyone touch me…but for you I might make an exception…especially after how rough and hard my tender titties were played with. I could use some soft caresses and a silky tongue to wash away the aches. You want me to go on? OK.

No one came in at first and I started to worry. Then, just as I was starting to feel depressed, a man walked in the door. He introduced himself as Biff and he had two friends with him, Chris and Jesse. Biff said he was looking for a new house for him and his wife as he just moved into the area. She was still at their old home seeing to the packing and he was house shopping. His friends were along for morale support.

He seemed really nice…and a little sexy too. He was well muscled with a broad strong chest and he wore a very nice aqua T-shirt with a white linen blazer over it. His pants were linen slacks too and I must admit as I walked him through the house, I could see the bulge in his slacks increasing as he watched my ass or as I bent over to get a pen I conveniently dropped. I gave him a chance to look down my blouse. His eyes were glued to my jiggling globes and hard nips.

Last, we walked into the den and I showed him the Pool table. He said he loved Pool. He said that taking his stick and driving his balls deep into every pocket was one of his favorite pastimes. He chuckled and asked if I played. I told him no but he said they would be happy to teach me. What the heck I thought, it sounded like fun and I’d have a chance to do a little more hard- selling.

They gave me the stick…excuse me, the cue, and showed me how to stand at the head of the table. I wrapped my hand around the shaft of the cue and held it firmly. I stroked the other end of it with my finger and thumb in an “O”. They loved to watch me as I slid it back and forth. I was naughty and knew they liked it so I held it up against my tits, settling it just between my rounded mounds of perfection and I asked them…”Is this right?” They all said yes!

Now they positioned me at the head of the table, bending me over it with Jesse and Biff each holding an arm, showing me how to hold the cue while biff slid up behind me, grinding his hips right up against rear. I could tell he was excited because his rigid cock was pushing against me through his trousers. I could feel every inch of him. My gosh, he seemed big. That’s when he leaned in even more, pushing me onto my stomach and taking hold of my arms in a fierce grip.

I grunted and yelled at him, “What are you doing?” But he just laughed. Chris and Jesse were there too, and from somewhere they suddenly had pieces of rope and they were tying me by the wrist and stretching me out, spread eagle across the pool table.

They had managed to turn me onto my back and soon I was trussed up across the table, unable to do much but struggle helplessly, tugging on the ropes that held my arms and legs.

I suppose I should have been terrified and I was a little scared but you know what…part of me was excited too. The way they held me so roughly and had tied me up, spread open to them…they could do anything to me. Oh I hope you don’t think I’m a little slut for being excited do you? Do you like the story…is it exciting you like it did me, to think of me spread-eagled and helpless, struggling against those ropes and begging to be set free?

Anyway, suddenly it seemed they all had these big scissors and they began to cut my clothes off of me. Jesse started with my pants legs while Biff grabbed my blouse and yanked it open, sending the gold buttons everywhere. Then he looked down at my big soft boobs with the hard red nipples sticking up through the sheer lace of my bra. He smiled and grabbed my bra and in a flash he had it cut away, exposing my tender breasts and sensitive tits. He grinned when he saw them and slapped one with his open hand. Then he slapped the other.

I yelled at him but he just watched my big boobs bounce and jiggle from the slap. It hurt but it sort of turned me on. No one had ever treated me this way.

After staring for a bit more he reached over and took one boob in each and squeezed them hard, tweaking my titties as he did it. He even bent down and started to suck on them, his teeth biting my stiff hard nibs. It was actually driving me a little crazy as he kept up the tit play. I yelled at him but my tits spoke on their own, hardening and becoming even stiffer.

What could I do? I was so helpless and these big men had me open to their every desire. They could do anything to me. Does that excite you? Make you wish you were standing next to me as I lay tied up? Well, it was scary but I don’t blame you for feeling excited…I was too. You would probably do all sorts of naughty dirty things to my body. Would you touch my tits? Or maybe slide your finger between my ass cheeks? Why don’t you stroke that cock of yours slowly while I tell you the rest of what they did to me and you can pretend you’re there. Would you like to do that? Good. Go ahead. It’s OK.

Now I shouted at them asking what they were doing and Biff looked at me and said:

“Anything we want to do, darlin’”

By then, Jesse had cut my pants away and Chris was taking his time, sliding his hands inside my panties and sliding his fingers through my short curly bush and down between my legs. I could feel his fingers stroking across my cunt, moving along my pussy lips and starting to slide between them, his fingers spreading to open my cunt lips to whatever he had in mind. His finger must have brushed across my clit because a stab of electricity went through me and I bucked on the table, letting out a moan.

Biff Liked that.

“Keep doin whatever you’re doin’ to her buddy, she likes that!”

(and I kinda did)

Anyway, Chris cut through my panties and then pulled the waist tight sliding the crotch and backside through my pussy, rubbing and scraping it as it came. I moaned again and Chris pulled the material out and then took his hands and spread my pussy wide.

Biff had actually climbed up on the table and straddled my chest. He had somehow taken those linen slacks off when I wasn’t looking and now he laid this monstrous 10 inch cock across my chest, nestled between my boobs. He took my boobs by the titty and pinched them, pulling hard, stretching them out at least an inch. My body squirmed under him as he held my tittys. Then he let them go and took both hands, cupping my huge 36DD’s around the shaft of his huge thick hard cock and he began to slide back and forth, tit-fucking me on the pool table.

Between my legs I could feel Chris. He had slid two fingers into my pussy and was slowly sliding them in and out. He would stroke in deep and then rub hard against my clit on the way out. He was pumping me, building up speed and my pussy was itching so badly my legs started to shake.

That’s when I remembered Jesse. Where was he? I tried to turn my head to see him and was suddenly looking straight at his ramrod stiff cock. He had gotten onto the pool table and knelt there next to me. His cock wasn’t as long as Biffs but it was about ½ again as thick. He saw my head turn and I saw him smile…just before he pushed forward and shoved his large thick rod between my lips pouting swollen lips and deep into my mouth.

Now the three of them had me and they rode me like a carnival ride. I guess to them I was but truthfully I was getting off on it to. I had never realized how liberating it was to be helpless, allowing a man…or three men, to do anything they wanted to me. I groaned around Jesse’s cock and my lips began to suck on it, my tongue washing up and down his iron-hard shaft.

Chris’s tongue meanwhile slurped and licked across my honey gash, his teeth nipping at my large swollen clit sending wave after wave of sexual shudders through me as his mouth would latch onto my tingling pussy lips and he would suck, lapping up my juices and spreading me wider and wider. He obviously loved to eat pussy because he was very good at it. He actually pressed his face harder against my pelvis and stroked his tongue in and out of me in deep long strokes. MMMMMM.

Speaking of deep strokes Biff was riding me like a horse at the rodeo. He held my round soft boobs and squeezed them tight over his tent-pole. His thumbs though rested on my nipples which were already hard and throbbing. He kept crushing one and then the other with his thumbs and stroking across them back and forth as he slid between my tits faster and faster. He was lubing himself…and my boobs with the precum that was already dripping from him.

And I kept sucking Jesse. He had grabbed my hair and was rocking my head back and forth in time to his thrusts. His bulbous cock head was banging the back of my throat and my lips were kissing against his balls before he would pull me away and then thrust again deeper.

So my cunt was eaten and my tits were fucked and I swallowed Jesses massive dick again and again. My own body was reacting to this and I was starting to feel the rumble of my own excitement rising, quicker now, up from between my legs, across my clit and over my belly, making my tits throb so hard they hurt. My pussy was leaking hot steaming juice and the fire inside of me grew quickly to a raging inferno of lust. It came on faster and faster and I bobbed my head faster now, sucking hard and long, trying to make Jesse cum with me.

Chris was keeping my flow going and his tongue lapped me and licked me, stroking my clit furiously now.

Biff kept sliding back and forth faster and faster I could see his cock dripping regularly now. I flexed my chest trying to add to his ride. His broad grin told me it was working. We all humped and thrust and licked and sucked harder and faster till finally…It seemed like we all exploded at once. I felt fireworks go off in my pussy and lights flashed in front of my eyes and hot jizz splashed across my tits and face. Biff squeezed and massaged my huge boobs, covering them in even more cum.

I screamed…or tried to. Around Jesse’s cock I could only gurgle as cum overflowed my mouth. I swallowed and gulped and still he came. His hot semen ran all over my chin and down across my neck. For a moment we were a single organism…a single orgasm, shuddering and tingling and shaking.

Finally it began to subside. Biff gave my massive tits a final squeeze and slid off. Chris kept his finger deep in my hole but stood up and smiled so I could see my pussy’s squirt dripping all down his face. Jesse—slowly—pulled out of my mouth. The thick round cock head coming out with a soft “plop” sound. I was breathing hard, panting for breath out of fear, excitement and the aftereffects of one of the most pussy ripping orgasms I have ever had.

They stood around the table, staring at me. Their eyes scouring every inch of my body. I could see the lust in their eyes and I knew, somehow I knew, that they weren’t finished with me yet. And I wasn’t finished either.

Maybe you can call me back some time and I’ll tell you what they did to me in the weight room.

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