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The Night Clubber

Well hello Conrad, baby. This is the lady with the huge titties who you picked up in the Nightclub last month. Do you remember me, My name is Sugar?

You Devil you, why haven’t you called me? You did promise that you would phone me again real soon. I hope you do not mind me calling you at home. When you left the club the other day your business card fell on the floor and it had your work and home details on it. It just that I could not wait any longer, you were so good. I have been wanking my little cunny raw thinking of that night stick of yours, Big and huge, desperate for my pussy ,dripping wet with my juices. Can’t you tell sweetie I am in heat for your meat?

I have had such delicious dreams about what you did to me in the nightclub. Making me suck you off-fucking me in the ass-you horny bastard you- and in front of all those people. Do you remember my hot snatch? I’m sure you have not forgotten but if you have I will just give you a little reminder with this naughty tale.

It was a dirty old trick that of yours to knock my glass of drink on my skirt so I had to bend right over and wipe off the spilled liquid on my dress before is stained. As I bent down to do so you had a perfect view of my furry box creaming through my skimpy panties. I like my bush natural and hairy, no bikini waxes for this girl – no way. I just like my muff oozing out like a hairy bear. You seemed to like it too, it is so dam sexy don’t you think?

Then, what you did next! I couldn’t believe you took that big beautiful huge thing out right there on the dance floor, in front of everyone! Oh my Lord Conrad—what a cock! I thought you were telling tales when you said it was 10 inches long. That got me so hot to see you swinging that thing on the dance floor playing with yourself. I just had to dance my best for you, lifting my leg high and flipping my skirt up in your direction. I knew you could see everything.

As you man handled you cock with expertise and pride I knew you like your ladies with juicy twats and long legs, just like your wife’s. We didn’t have to talk much that night, I knew you could tell what I wanted—and all you wanted to know was if my cunt was juicy. There was no need for me to say much more and anyway my body did all the talking that was necessary as I wriggled and strutted my stuff for you on the dance floor. You got plenty of glances of my nasty quim, I just had to bend over and shake my ass pulling my lacy lingerie aside and fingering wide my cunt-lips—so wide so you could see my little oyster all glistening and wet for you. I could tell you loved every minute of it.

You liked what you saw, I know you did. The way you pulled me to you, our bodies tight and feeling every inch of one another. You smothered me with hot passionate kisses with your hard as - iron tongue, probing around in my mouth with such intensity.

You could not help yourself but to slip a couple fingers up my wet gaping hole and give me a good finger fucking. My knees went all wobbly as you stroked me hard and fast. Conrad baby you sure know how to give a girl a good finger sandwiching. You got me so fired up all my senses went into overload.

Later, when you told me how much you still loved your wife and lusted after her after all these years of marriage that just made me so wet. What was her name Susie or Suzette or something like that. I was hot but also a bit mad at you.

You are the worst kind husband Conrad—you naughty boy. Playing around on your woman every chance you get you bastard. Always getting that cock out and stroking it in front of strange ladies. I can just see your beautiful lady at home waiting for you to return, her long legs crossed sitting on the sofa, high heels on and a cute little something she picked up at the sex shop just to keep you happy.

I bet she made a delicious dinner for you too, and all this time you are out playing around chatting up unsuspecting women, beating your meat in front of them—probably thinking of Susie the whole time. I would bet you would take Susie up onto the big old kitchen table you have at home pull up that red latex dress she just purchased, tearing off her panties and eating her muff while she moans and writhes beneath you. You are a lucky man Conrad, but that’s just not enough for you is it? Having just a hot tasty wife at home—you need more pussy than that. And all the time a fine upstanding respectable man like you goes around sniffing ladies fanny’s at the bars and clubs when you should be home with your hot Susie instead of pretending to work late.

But you were there at the club with me, grinding up against me, letting me feel your hard member just waiting to get out and work its magic on me. Heaven, the thought of your huge tube-steak rubbing on me so fine just makes me want to cream my panties. I am so wet and I just want you to take me hard and long with your enormous cock, shove that pole right deep up inside my twat. You know I cannot resist that long hard poker of yours.

On the dance floor again, later that night when you forced me to suck that joystick, right there and then in public. Pushing me to my knees and shoving that rock hard pole of yours into my mouth. I could barely breathe as you slid all the way in, till you balls nuzzled my nose. You held me there, taking you deep and I knew you were showing me off, letting everyone know that I was your personal little slut. But I didn’t mind. I sucked and stroked you just as you wanted. I so enjoyed nibbling on your love pole. And, in the end, when you cried out Susie! Susie! You are the best, moaning and carrying on how much you enjoyed your own wife’s attention, I didn’t mind.

It was so much fun having all the people in the club watching us it was all so overwhelming for my hot slippery pulsating slit. I came in my panties with lots of hot creamy girl-goo streaming everywhere. Conrad honey perhaps sometime Susie and you and I could have a threesome sometime, together licking and sucking and fucking.

Or you could just sit there and watch us two please each other. I could go down on her and use my tongue deep inside her twat, I could really give your Susie a good time. I would nibble her clit and lash her deep wet snatch with my tongue. She would moan and writhe as I brought her to the peak of ecstasy. You could even jack off onto our faces as we sixty nine each other.

Conrad baby I have to sign off from this naughty phone call shortly but I will call you back real soon. Oh yes, think of Susie and I, our faces wet with each other’s juices. I would turn her over onto all fours and I would use a double ended dildo on her. I would stuff it deep inside both of us, so we could grind our cunts together putting on a show that I know you would never forget. That would prepare her for a good bare cunt eating and bum rimming. Oh that would look so good her lovely lips, slipping up and down my rubber dick, and me playing with my little vibrator buzzing away on my clit .

Now I want you to imagine Susie and me. We are here waiting with our mouths open, each one taking turns sliding your ramrod deep into our mouths. I would kiss your magnificent cock head while Susie licked and sucked you balls, teasing and tormenting you till you were ready to burst. Are you ready to give us a heavy gush of your creamy semen? Go on, I know you’re ready, give it to me honey—I want to eat and swallow that load. My lips are eager and spread wide apart ready to consume your hefty rigid member. That’s it, I am licking and kissing you as you cover my face in your cum. Susie is licking your shaft. Now we are kissing each other, tonguing the wet jizz off of each other’s face. OOHHHH baby, YEEESSS!

Well, that’s all for now. I have to go but I’ll dream about you and I will phone you again real soon for my Naughty phone call number 2.

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