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Sex Secretary

Oh, I am so glad you are here today. I have to tell someone what happened to me. I am a very prim and proper secretary. It was so degrading. Look at my clothes, they’re all torn up. My big round titties are poking through where everyone can see. Oh! Can I just wrap my arms around you and hold you? Maybe sit here on your lap? Oh thank you.

So here it is…and I hope you won’t think me a bad girl for what I’m about to tell you. I stayed at work late today because I was going to get up the nerve and ask my boss for a raise. I waited till almost everyone was gone because I was nervous enough without an audience. I went to his door and was just about to knock when I heard a groan coming from inside. I thought he might have hurt himself so I quickly went in to see what had happened.

Oh my god, he wasn’t hurt at all. He was sitting on his desk with his pants down and a woman was kneeling between his legs sucking on his cock. I mean I was shocked. And his member…it was so, large. I stood there not knowing what to do. My boss, Mr. Humphries saw me and the woman turned around and we all just stood there for a minute. Then the woman got up and started to walk over to me. She was wearing a red halter-top and a pair of denim shorts. Her breasts were so large they were straining at the fabric of her halter and I could see her hard nipples poking out, and her shorts were cut so high I could see…oh well, maybe I shouldn’t say. Or can I ? Ok. Well, I could tell her pussy was shaved. That made me a little, sort of excited like. I was so embarrassed that I had seen them. I tried to back out but she took my arm and pulled me in. She closed the door behind me and I heard it lock. I wasn’t sure what was going on.

She held on to my arm and walked me towards the boss’s desk.

Mr. Humphries just stood there and looked at me.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

I told him I had heard something through the door and was worried but he just got mad and said I was spying on him. He said maybe I liked what I saw and wanted some myself. He grabbed my other arm and told Sheila to help bend me over the desk. I tried to pull away but they were too strong. I found myself pushed face down on Mr. Humphries desk, my large sensitive breasts all squished and mashed as they held me down. I cried and told them I wasn’t spying really but Mr. Humphries said he knew what to do with slutty secretaries who were naughty. He got behind me and started putting his hands on my ass. He slid them around and squeezed, hard. He began to pinch me and when I yelped he laughed and smacked me. I jumped but Sheila and he just kept me bent over and he slapped my ass hard again.

I struggled, trying to stand but they were too strong for me. Then, Mr. Humphries told the woman, Sheila, to turn me over, so they took my arms and turned me around, shoving everything off the desk and laying me across it. I screamed and tried to get away but Sheila climbed right up on top of me, straddling me and holding my arms above my head. She pressed herself against me and told Mr. Humphries to get the ties. Then she started to squirm and rub her big tits against mine. I screamed at her and tried to wiggle away but that just made her more excited…and it actually excited me too, a little.

Then before I knew it Mr. Humphries grabbed my wrists and wrapped something around them. He pulled on them and suddenly had my arms tied to something at the bottom of his desk. Then, Sheila started sliding down my body. Her hands stroked my arms and she ran her fingers across my throat. Her hands slid onto my breasts and she squeezed them, finding my nipples beneath my silk blouse and pinched them. I yelped and she just laughed.

She kept sliding down my body. She took one of my blouses buttons in her teeth and tore it off. As she kept going down she started biting me through my skirt and when her hands reached my waist, she yanked it down in one vicious pull.

Oh I was so scared. I hope you don’t mind me holding onto you a little tighter. Uhg, my breasts are so sore from what they did to me, maybe while I talk you could massage them for me, gently please. Ooooh, yes, like that. Thank you.

So, where was I? Oh yes, Sheila had reached my legs and she spread them wide and began to lick my thighs slowly, nipping with her teeth while Mr. Humphries got more ties and secured my legs. There I was Tied and spread across the desk and there was nothing I could do.

Then Mr. Humphries came over to stand near my head and looked down at me, smiling a cruel smile. His hands reached out and he quickly ripped my blouse open the rest of the way, exposing my large tits. He took his hands and stroked my neck and slowly slid under my sheer white bra. I cried, telling him not to but he slid his hands around my large breasts and cupped them in his big strong hands, pulling them out. He bent over and took one of my hard tits in between his teeth and began to tug on it, biting and pulling at it while he squeezed and rubbed my other breast. I whimpered in pain but I couldn’t help it, my nipples started to get hard and I began to get all tingly inside.

You don’t think I’m a bad girl do you? Good. Uuuhhh, I like the way you’re squeezing my breasts, that feels good.

Then Sheila took a large pair of scissors out of the desk drawer. I thought at first she was going to hurt me but she just grabbed the edge of my panties and stretched them, sliding the crotch right between the lips of my pussy. She pulled them so hard, they rubbed and slid across my sweet clit and made me shake all over.

Then, she cut them off, and slowly pulled them from around me, all the time keeping them between my pussy lips. Oh, it was so good but I knew I shouldn’t like it.

Ooh! I can feel you under your pants. You’re so big and hard. I’m not hurting you am I? No? that’s good. Here, let me see if I can move a little. MMMM. Yes, oh I think that’s better. I’ll just keep my hand down here to make sure I don’t hurt you while we sit and I tell you the rest of what they did to me. You do want to hear it, don’t you? OK, good.

So, I was tied across the desk and spread so they could touch me wherever they wanted. I was begging them to stop but they just laughed. Then, Mr. Humphries got up on the desk like Sheila had done and straddled my stomach. He was still naked and his big hard cock was standing out so stiff and hard. He took my tits, one in each hand and slid up, pushing his hard, throbbing cock between them. Then he squeezed them together, pinching and pulling my nipples at the same time while he slid his dick in and out between my round soft boobs. He was so big the tip of his cock would almost bump my chin.

Sheila hadn’t forgotten me either. I felt her hair brushing against my legs and her tongue kept stroking my thigh, moving slowly up towards my pussy. It was sore and still a little tingly from what she had done with my panties when her lips closed over me and her tongue stroked out across my hard clit. I bucked, but that just made her bites on my clit harder. Then she began to lick and stroke my pussy in earnest.

Mr. Humphries kept sliding his cock back and forth, titty fucking me faster and faster and Sheila’s tongue kept stroking my cunt and her lips kept sucking on my clit. I felt her hands slide around my ass hard tight ass and squeeze and spread them, pulling them wide. She drove her tongue deeper into me and sucked harder, taking my clit between her teeth and lashing it with her tongue. Her fingers squeezed and stroked my ass and then I felt one of her fingers sliding across my bunghole. My whole body rippled in a deep shiver and I tried to cry out but it just sounded like a moan.

Mr. Humphries liked that. He said, “This bitch is enjoying herself. Let’s turn up her heat.”

Then, he let go of my sore and abused breasts and grabbed me by my long blonde hair. He wrapped his fingers deep in it and slid himself forward. I knew what he was going to do and I tried to say ‘No!” but he pulled my mouth right to the tip of his hard cock. It was already a little wet from his excitement. Then he just pushed forward and I was forced to swallow him. My mouth filled up with his dick and he kept pushing till my lips were touching the end of his thick shaft. I almost couldn’t breathe and tried to yell at him but I could tell it was no use so I started stroking and sucking on his cock, hoping I could finish this quickly. He held my hair and slid his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face over and over again. I licked and stroked, my tongue rubbing along his hard rod and my mouth sucking him in.

Then Sheila began to press her finger up into my ass, slowly but steadily. I bounced and wiggled but she just kept it up and you know what? My pussy was really on fire. I don’t know if I could have stopped at that point. I went from trying to wiggle away to thrusting my pussy harder and harder against her. I wanted her to go deeper and her finger did, I could feel it sliding all the way up to the first knuckle. I screamed around Mr. Humphries cock and he began to stroke faster and faster. My body writhed up and down, shaking all over as Sheila tongued me towards climax and I did the same to Mr. Humphries. His cock felt larger than even before and I could tell he was close to cumming. I ran my tongue up and down his dick faster and faster and Sheila was fucking my ass with her finger in and out in and out and she sucked and bit my clit, urging me towards my orgasm.

Oh my goodness, I seem to have unzipped your pants. I must have gotten too excited telling you my story. Oh my, your cock is as big as Mr. Humphries. And so hard. MMMM. Here, I’ll just wrap my hand around it and stroke it some while I tell you the rest. Is that ok. Ooooh! I can tell it is.

Anyway, I was so worked up. Sheila had me right on the edge and Mr. Humphries had his cock almost down into my throat. I was gagging but I didn’t care. I kept sliding and sucking him, making love to his cock and sucking harder and deeper. He was trembling and I could hear him groaning. Then, Suddenly, Sheila shoved her finger deep into my ass hole, all the way. I bucked hard and screamed. Mr. Humphries nearly pulled my hair out by the roots as he shoved his cock deep and held it completely filling my mouth, my lips were actually sucking on his balls. Sheila bit down and lashed my clit once more and I came. I started bucking and thrashing, pulling and straining at the ropes they had used to tie me so helplessly. I screamed and Mr. Humphries began to cum. Huge loads of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but he wouldn’t stop. My cheeks bulged with his man juice and I squirted out my lips.

My own orgasm kept riding up on me, cresting hard and then receding but Sheila kept her finger going and kept her tongue lashing so I would start the climb to its peak once more and experience it again and again. MMMM. I can see I’m exciting you. You’re starting to throb too. Do you want to be the one that has me tied down? What if I just slide off your lap here and kneel at your feet. Master? Is it ok if I call you master? You can make me your slave and I’ll have to do whatever you say…Just like Mr. Humphries and Sheila did…all night long. Oh yes, there’s more that happened. But for now, I think I need to service my new master. MMMM, your cock is so hard. Let me taste it, please….mmmmmm. oh yesssss. Mmmmpppghhh.

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